Planning Guide to Building a Log Home in Greenville, ME

Our Seven Step Process - From Concept to Home

The first step in the process of owning a log home is the purchase of land that is permitted for building and setting a budget by establishing pre-qualifying terms.

Initial appointments with a Moosehead Cedar Log Homes representative are generally spent reviewing the selection of standards offered by MCLH, exploring custom design options, package variations and construction systems to determine if MCLH fits as a good design/manufacturing partner. We then collaboratively begin work on the specific requirements of the home you envision. It may take several conversations to prepare your home design for the first official drawing.

When the specifications of the design reflect your wishes, the design concept will be converted into preliminary plans and reviewed for a projected cost of the materials package. Preparation of preliminary plans takes about three weeks.

When preliminary plans and initial estimates are completed, they are sent to the customer for consider­ation and revisions. This is the most important phase of the design process. Our team strives to work closely with the customer during this period to ensure a complete understanding of the plans. After the client has reviewed the plans, they are returned to our drafting group with requested changes in writing to be redrafted and estimated, or signed for approval to go to the next phase.

A deposit of 30% of the package price is required to schedule the start of production. The financial arrange­ments of your project should be prepared so initial disbursement of funds can take place. Layaway arrangements can be made with MCLH if the materials package is not to be delivered until later in the year.

Once the 30% deposit is made, allow approximately three weeks for construction drawings to be drafted and mailed to you for your final approval. If an engineer’s stamp is required, allow additional time for engineer review. The MCLH Building Systems Advisor will be available to confer with you and your builder/contractor. This is the time to be sure all parties fully understand the construction technicalities. Site preparations should be under way at this time.

Final sets of plans will be part of the delivery 4-8 weeks after the 30% deposit. Before the time of delivery, the remaining balance of the package price is paid in full. An invoice will be sent to you fourteen (14) days prior to the payment due date. Your response is expected to confirm your delivery date and payment method with your Moosehead Cedar Log Homes representative.